During the COVID 19 pandemic, so many high school students are seeking opportunities to obtain their high school diplomas. At Boxwood, students are matched with tutors to help them prepare for each subject that is required for the Test Assessing School Completion (TASC). These subjects include math, reading, writing, high school, and science. Once a student passes all the sections of the exam, they will receive a high school diploma from the Department of Education in their state.

We assist students with completing applications to colleges and/or trade schools. We remove the stress from parents and help young people launch their careers.  

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Testimonial from a grandparent:

After meeting Mrs. Marie Chase, Executive Director of Boxwood Learning Center, during a Union County Workforce Development Board meeting and heard about her commitment to educating and challenging in-school and out-of-school youth, I needed to hear more of this program. After meeting and visiting the center I felt this was a place my grandchild could attend; she was pregnant at the time and struggled to meet the day-to-day commitment of her local high school schedule.

You see children who have the potential and drive to learn can struggle in a traditional setting. I feel it is not that they do not have the ability to learn, they may have issues at home, and lack the resources to complete their assignments (no internet nor a computer to get the studies done).


Boxwood Learning Center, a non-profit program, would evaluate any child during the high school years in order to help achieve a level of proficiency. They provide a non-traditional approach that gives children a sense of belonging and that someone hears them. When you listen and understand their stories, their level of commitment to learn and achieve a high school diploma can take them to another height with a renewed level of commitment going forward is paramount.

Hearing from the students and faculty during a recent graduation ceremony, let me know that I had placed my grandchild in a program where I felt she would excel.

To Marie Chase, staff and partners, I want to thank you for designing this type of program and instilling this out of the box thinking in our children. It will give them the children the courage to positively move forward in their lives.

- Gloria Durham, CEO of Qunnections Management Group, LLC a Construction Management firm- NJ, NY, DE, PA; and former Chair of the Union County Workforce Development Board

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