During the COVID 19 pandemic, so many high school students are seeking opportunities to obtain their high school diplomas. At Boxwood, students are matched with tutors to help them prepare for each subject that is required for the Test Assessing School Completion. These subjects include math, reading, writing, high school, and science. Once a student passes all the sections of the exam, they will receive a high school diploma from the Department of Education in their state. Here is a link of states that now accept the TASC exam: https://tasctest.com/demo-home/test-takers/taking-tasc-test/locations/

Students can obtain their diplomas in as little as three months! Furthermore, we assist students with completing applications to colleges and/or trade schools. We remove the stress from parents and help young people launch their careers.  

For more information, contact us today (link to the contact form) and photos (please check constant contact for photos).

Purchase an inspirational casual wear today.  Visit our online Youth Rising store.  For every $1.00 you spend about $.30 helps us to continue to operate.  We had to stop our after school programs as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic, and this caused a 50% loss in revenue.  We used this revenue to lease space for our programs, stipends for our program graduates, and other critical expenses.  Thank you in advance for your online purchase.