Our Mission

The Boxwood Learning Center, Inc. is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to create learning environments for supporting the whole person by way of tutoring, mentoring, and career exploration.  We work to expose young people to careers in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  Lastly, we provide supportive guidance to youth until they graduate from college or post-secondary programs.

We support champions on their pathway to success.

About Our Founder, Marie Thelusma-Chase

The Boxwood Learning Center is a nonprofit organization that I co-founded with community members about two years ago. Our vision is simple: Support champions on their pathway to success. I personally was arrested at a young age, was expelled from middle school, and was in special education. The root of the matter was because I was an immigrant who couldn't assimilate to the American culture and the new language.

I don't want youth in the juvenile system or special education to go what I went through. So, at Boxwood we provide an alternative high school experience via community connections, mentoring, employment, and educational services.

Our young people take their high school proficiency exam and earn their high school diploma that way. Many of our young people are mostly involved in the foster care and juvenile systems. To me, they are all champions waiting for someone to see them for who they are and to support them through their life journeys.


Marie Thelusma-Chase, CFRE

CEO, Boxwood Learning Center


Gaining the skills to excel in school.

Building students' self-confidence.

Exposing students to STEM careers.

Engaging the parent in the student turnaround.


Completing a post-secondary program (beyond high school).

Developing a career

Contributing to their community

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