The Career Exploration and Job Readiness Program exposes youth to different career paths.  

In 2023-24, students will continue to receive career assessments in order to match them with the careers that are aligned with their interests. 

We are currently providing job shadowing and/or internships for the following careers: e-commerce business, financial investments, and music production.  

Through our partners, we are referring graduates to free certification classes for manufacturing, technology, culinary arts, and medical fields. 

"Boxwood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It showed me that if I can believe in Santa Claus for eight years, I can believe in myself for 5 minutes"

-program participant

We are driven to help students obtain industry certifications or enroll in degree programs after receiving their high school diplomas.  We are available for free career counseling for all graduates through age 25.

All of our workshops are free and available only to champions - including graduates - and their family members.  Please continue to check our online calendar for upcoming events and subscribe to receive alerts for upcoming events.