The Career Exploration and Job Readiness Program exposes youth to different career paths.  

In 2020, students have been working on e-commerce business, film, financial investments, and music production.  Students also shadowed professionals from various careers that included construction, medicine, and sports.


"I am extremely excited to be given this opportunity to work with the youth, not only are they helping my business but you can see that they are giving it their all, I believe this program inspire us all" 

- Daphnie Manzione

"Boxwood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It showed me that if I can believe in Santa Claus for eight years, I can believe in myself for 5 minutes"

-Paul Arboleda, program participant

Career Exploration and Job Readiness program has exposed youth to the following career paths via internships and job shadowing opportunities:

1. Health Care

2. Accounting

3. Food Service

4. Clerical

5. Website/Social Media Development

6. Data Entry

7. Merchandising

8. Cosmetology

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This program is funded by the Union County Youth Services Commission through a New Jersey Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative Grant. The Union County Youth Services Commission is part of the Union County Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services.

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