Thank you for choosing to support our champions on their way to success!


Most social service agencies ask for help to provide a service to someone in need.

Our champions do not want a fish, they want someone to teach them how to fish. Our mission is to support youth in not only obtaining their diplomas but also graduating from college, obtaining sustainable employment, and giving back to their communities.

Boxwood Learning Center is a 501 C 3 organization. Donations can be given by way of Paypal, or check/cash. All donations are tax deductible.

Checks can be mailed to:
Boxwood Learning Center
115 West Second Ave
Roselle, NJ 07203

Your gifts help support a champion in the following ways:

  • Friend of Boxwood Sponsor – $25 and up

We rely on our friend of Boxwood sponsor contributions to pay program expenses such as rent, sustain our program staff, and conduct educational workshops. Your sponsorship in any amount helps us to sustain our services during the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Literacy Advocate Sponsor - $500+

Our young men and women must be able to compete in the local and global economy. Our staff and volunteers dedicated a minimum of 60 hours a month delivering literacy workshops that cover the following literacies: functional (reading and writing), business, financial, and technology. Our investment club, business club, and computer club are ways youth prepare for their tomorrows.

Your investment would help with internships, volunteer training, etc. Please visit our video gallery and events calendar for more about our literacy programs.

  • Champion Sponsor - $1,000+

Adopt a champion - educational support to help youth (age 16-21) obtain their high school diploma by way of test preparation services for the high school proficiency exam. A student will also receive support with enrollment into post-secondary programs/college, employment, and other physical needs (e.g. housing placement, meals, mental health services, etc.).

Purchase an inspirational casual wear today.  Visit our online Youth Rising store.  For every $1.00 you spend about $.30 helps us to continue to operate.  We had to stop our after school programs as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic, and this caused a 50% loss in revenue.  We used this revenue to lease space for our programs, stipends for our program graduates, and other critical expenses.  Thank you in advance for your online purchase.