Our Mission At Boxwood Learning Center

Boxwood Learning Center is committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a supportive environment through education and restorative justice practices. Our mission is to empower youth, including those in the school system and those who have interacted with the justice system, to reach their full potential and contribute positively to society. We offer GED test preparation, tutoring, career and job readiness coaching, mentoring, and facilitate youth-led initiatives (example: www.youthrising.world). We support our champions until age 25, ensuring their success in life endeavors.

Restorative Justice and Practice

Our approach to restorative justice is centered on healing and growth rather than punishment. We aim to address the needs of all students, including those who are at risk or have been involved in the justice system, by implementing practices that promote reconciliation, responsibility, and communal healing. Our restorative practices include:

- Conflict Resolution Workshops: Facilitating sessions where students learn to resolve disputes through dialogue and mutual understanding.

- Community Engagement Projects: Encouraging students to participate in activities that benefit their local areas, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility.

- Supportive After-School Programs: Offering a range of after-school activities that provide additional academic support, mentorship, and skills training to help students thrive both in and out of school.

Educational Empowerment

At Boxwood, education is the key to breaking cycles of disadvantage and opening doors to new opportunities. We provide:

- Academic Assistance: From tutoring in essential subjects to preparation for high school equivalency exams, we ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed academically.

- Career and Technical Education: Through internships and hands-on training in practical fields like technology, carpentry, and the arts, students gain valuable skills that prepare them for future employment.

School Programs

Our commitment extends to creating an inclusive environment within schools. We work closely with local educational institutions to integrate restorative practices that support all students, particularly those who struggle with traditional disciplinary methods. This approach helps to reduce suspensions and improve overall student engagement by addressing behavioral issues through understanding and community involvement rather than punitive measures.

Through these efforts, Boxwood Learning Center continues to champion a holistic approach to education and justice. We strive to build a more equitable, understanding, and supportive community where every young person can learn, grow, and succeed. Join us in supporting these champions of tomorrow, today.