Marie Thelusma-Chase CEO

Marie Thelusma-Chase is an accomplished author, life coach, and Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with over two decades of expertise in developing programs for vulnerable populations. As the founder and CEO of Boxwood Learning Center, Marie has dramatically enhanced educational outcomes for at-risk youth through innovative, sustainable programs. Her strategic vision has not only raised over $10 million for community organizations but has also expanded educational services, impacting hundreds of students. Marie’s approach combines deep industry knowledge with a passion for empowering individuals and communities, making her a pivotal leader in educational and social change.


Koron Barley, Chair

Koron Barley is a dynamic entrepreneur known for his creative vision and commitment to excellence. As the owner of Headquarterz Barbershop in Rahway, New Jersey, Koron has established a reputation for exceptional service and innovation through his other business ventures.  Koron's dedication to his community is evident in his role as a valued member of the Board of Directors at Boxwood Learning Center. His involvement in this nonprofit organization allows him to mentor and inspire young people, drawing on his experiences as a multifaceted business leader. His work in both business and mentoring illustrates his profound influence on the community, nurturing the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders.


Elonia Barr, Vice Chair

Elonia Faria, an esteemed project manager and business systems analyst, brings a formidable blend of expertise cultivated through her Masters in Project Management and MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. However, her impact extends far beyond the boardroom, as evidenced by her decade-long commitment to mentoring future leaders as a dedicated Girl Scout leader. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Elonia is deeply ingrained in her community.  Her passion for volunteerism and community enrichment drives her to advocate tirelessly for equitable opportunities, particularly through initiatives she spearheads at Boxwood Learning Center, ensuring that young champions have the support they need to flourish.

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Derrick Seymore, Treasurer

Derrick Seymore serves as the Treasurer for Boxwood Learning Center, overseeing financial strategies and management. With a keen insight into fiscal responsibility, he ensures optimal resource allocation and financial health for the center, supporting its mission to provide restorative justice and educational opportunities to the community. Mr. Seymore is a financial professional and a graduate of Seton Hall University.


Chrissy Castillo-Chumpitaz, Secretary                                                                                                                                                                    In the heart of Monmouth Medical Center, Chrissy Castillo-Chumpitaz is more than a clinical exercise physiologist; she's a beacon of holistic wellness. Armed with a Master’s degree from Kean University and a Bachelor’s degree from New Jersey City University, Chrissy nurtures her patients to health with compassionate care. Specializing in heart-healthy choices encompassing nutrition, stress management, and exercise, Chrissy orchestrates transformative journeys for her patients, fostering robust cardiac health and fortified pulmonary function.

Beyond her clinical endeavors, Chrissy's impact radiates throughout the corridors of Boxwood Learning Center, where she aims to find innovative solutions to today’s problems. Ever-resourceful, Chrissy brings her dynamic energy to the Boxwood Board of Directors.