• Providing a worry-free/fun educational experience that students’ enjoy

• Building community and developing new friendships for students/adult


• Encouraging students to succeed, even if they don’t believe in themselves

• Instilling a sense of accomplishment in individual students every step of the way


• Successful educational and life outcomes for champions

• Incorporate/Integrate students’ strength in the learning process

Client Testimonial

“I wanted to give up on my diploma for quite a while but boxwood made me not want to give up. I’m glad I listened!” – Paul A.

Paul Arboleda

Client Testimonial

“Boxwood met the expectations that I was looking forward to plus more.” – Program Graduate

Client Testimonial

Changed my life in many ways to be honest.

Kenneth Escamilla

Client Testimonial

It helped me and gave me a boost to move forward in life and always strive for the better.

Bryan Lorenzo

Client Testimonial

I’ve learned important life skills to better prepare me for what the future holds career-wise.

Rodolfo Cardona

Client Testimonial

The program helped improve my life mentally and emotionally.

Anthony Baker

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