Union County Community Drop-In Centers (UCCDIC)

The Union County Drop-In Centers are available to all Union County, NJ residents ages 10-16 (grades 6-12). To register, simply complete the registration form and attend workshops (note: some workshops such as robotics may require additional sign-up to reserve your spot).  Once you complete the general registration form you can attend any of the four sites below.

Program Description: UCCDIC will provide safe spaces for youth to receive tutoring, after-school activities, workshops, groups, and other services based on identified needs.  

Weekly Activities: Activities provided at least once a week will include Wi-Fi and computer availability for homework, homework assistance, access to on-site case managers, academic enrichment activities, and more. Transportation options to the drop-in centers will be provided by Boxwood.

Additional Workshops: Additional gender-specific workshops will cover topics such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, mental health, and bullying prevention.

A Typical Day at a Site:

  • Enrollment: Parents enroll their children in the program through referrals from counselors, principals, and county/local agencies.
  • Arrival Options: Youth may walk, get a ride, or use the program's transportation option.
  • Check-In: Upon arrival, youth receive snacks and an overview of the day's schedule.
  • Enrichment: Tutors provide homework help while students engage in recreational activities.
  • Educational Sessions: Group sessions cover various topics.
  • Club Activities: Activities include arts, writing/music, STEM, etc.
  • Breaks: Students have breaks for free play or extended activities. Healthy snacks are provided.

Site Locations and Schedule

Each site operates from 3:30 - 6:30 pm on these designated days.

Roselle Site (Mondays and 2nd Fridays of the month)
- Anthony Amalfe Community Center
- 1268 Shaffer Avenue, Roselle, NJ

Hillside Site (Tuesdays and 3rd Fridays of the month)
- Hillside Recreational Center
- 274 Hillside Avenue, Hillside, NJ

Rahway Site (Wednesdays and 1st Fridays of the month)
- Rahway Recreational Center
- 3 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ

Plainfield Site (Thursdays and 4th Fridays of the month)
- Plainfield Performing Arts Center
- 724 Park Avenue, Plainfield, NJ

We are hosting workshops covering robotics, fine arts, etc.  Check out some of our upcoming sessions:

Program Contact: Marie Thelusma-Chase


Phone: 908-241-6862

Program Partners:

  1. Parent, Inc
  2. Project DNA
  3. Innogenius
  4. Young Ambitious Minds (YAMs)
  5. Jynell Belle Creative Arts Resource Center

These partnerships offer a wide range of support, from substance abuse training to career exploration and fine arts workshops, contributing to the holistic development of program participants.